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Jill Bialoskys History of a Suicide 6 years ago

In the past week, Lebanon experienced more of the reverberations of the deadly sectarian civil war next door in Syria The Southeastern Conference's basketball tournament is ready to settle down.    The stimulant DMAA is banned by numerous sports groups, but is still found in supplements sold at stores including GNC, as a tennis player discovered too late. Video: Watch the event

The Atlantic Coast Conference

is now a 15-team league — and it might just stay that way for a while.    
CARACAS, Venezuela —

A day after Hugo Chavez’s death, the populist government that was built around his outsized persona began to pay homage on Wednesday as Venezuelans wondered what would come next after his 14 years in office.
Read full article >> A day after AT&T announced it would buy T-Mobile USA to create the biggest wireless carrier in the country, consumer advocates and some members of Congress blasted the deal.
SEOUL — South Korea’s military warned Wednesday that it would respond to any attack from North Korea with “strong and stern measures” against Pyongyang’s top leadership,

in a particularly vivid threat coming after the North vowed to nullify an armistice agreement ending the Korean War.
Read full article >> Allegations against Mayor Fenty turn out to be baseless. The SAT and Advanced Placement results, put out so proudly by the Montgomery County school system, suggest that it is among the best districts in the country, but the country has seen no significant increase in math or reading achievement for 17-year-olds in 30 years.
Attempting to forecast the market’s behavior is still a fool’s game, explains Carl Richards.    
BRUSSELS - European governments declared Friday that Moammar Gaddafi can no longer be considered the leader of Libya and must step down immediately, but they stopped short of formally recognizing the Libyan rebel movement or endorsing trade miner download to support its armed struggle. Beware of people who say they "love to travel," especially when they invite you on some glamorous excursion. My first husband, when we studied for a year in France, couldn't pronounce pamplemousse, and yet he craved grapefruit for breakfast.
Every morning, I'd brave the contemptuous sneers of gre... The Lewis Music Library will be transformed into what Tod Machover, professor of media arts and sciences, calls a "sonic bath" next week as graduate students from the Media Laboratory join him in a collaboration with Music Library staff to present "Library

Music," a group of interactive music installations that explore the relationships among space, movement, touch and sound. The United States is leaning on the first generation of plants built decades ago, even as critics worry that the reactors have some dangerous weaknesses. We want to put

together a crowd-sourced

gallery of the world’s most striking front yards, and we need your help. Sonos’s new Playbar fills what has been a major gap in the Internet-connected stereo service that the company offers. BP launched its promised appeal against what it called "fictitious" and "absurd" payouts to some oil spill compensation claimants on Friday and asked a judge

to temporarily halt those paid out as business economic losses.
Miroslaw Balka’s sculpture at Gladstone resembles a giant industrial device and makes an allusion to Michel Foucault. The American team begins play in the regional championship against Belize in Portland, Ore., on July 9.    
A cargo ship's crew are held hostage by Somali pirates in a new film from Borgen writer Tobias Lindholm MIT professors Michael Artin and

Robert Langer are among eight recipients worldwide of the 2013 Wolf Prize, the Israel-based Wolf Foundation announced this week.The prestigious international prizes are awarded annually in five categories, each worth $100,000; Artin and Langer clickbank pirate for their contributions in mathematics and chemistry, respectively.
More than 30 Wolf Prize recipients have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.Israeli President Shimon Peres will present the prizes in May at a special session hosted by the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.
Artin, a professor emeritus of mathematics at MIT, helped introduce and define a number of tools and theories in modern algebraic geometry, including the Artin Stack, which is a generalized version of an algebraic stack. His contributions to the theory of surface singularities introduced several concepts — such as rational singularity and fundamental cycle — that became seminal to the field.
“Artin is one of the main architects of modern algebraic geometry,” the Wolf Foundation said in announcing him as a winner of the Wolf Prize. “His fundamental contributions encompass a bewildering number of areas in this field.
… He is one of the great geometers of the 20th century.”In 2002, Artin won the American Mathematical Society’s annual Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement; in 2005, he was awarded the Harvard Centennial Medal. Artin is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences, as well as a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and the American Mathematical Society.
Langer, the

David H.
Koch Institute Professor at MIT, focuses on developing new ways to administer drugs to patients.
A biomedical engineer, he developed a variety of novel drug-delivery systems based on polymers, including materials that can release drugs continuously over a prolonged period of time. In the 1970s, Langer developed polymers that allowed the large molecules of a protein to pass through membranes in a controlled manner to inhibit angiogenesis, the process by which tumors recruit blood vessels.“Robert
Langer is primarily responsible for innovations in aquaponics 4 you that have had profound impact on medicine, particularly in the areas of drug delivery and tissue engineering,” the Wolf Foundation said in its announcement.
Last month, Langer was among 23 eminent researchers nationwide to be awarded the United States’ highest honors for scientists, engineers and inventors. He will receive the National Medal of Technology and Innovation from President Barack Obama at a ceremony this year.

Langer is a member of the Institute of Medicine, the National Academy of Engineering, and the National Academy of Sciences, making him one of only a few people to hold membership in three national academies.
Over the years, he has earned more than 200 major awards in science, including the 2006 National

Medal of Science, presented by the president of the United States to scientists and engineers who have made important contributions in their fields.
Wolf Prizes have been awarded since 1978 to outstanding scientists and artists “for achievements in the interest of mankind and friendly relations among peoples, irrespective of nationality, race, color, religion, sex or political view.” The prizes are presented annually in agriculture, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, and/or physics, as well as in the arts.
Impact The remarkable collaboration between Sharifi and MIT's Wind Ensemble has had a meaningful and long-lasting affect on all those involved in the project.
“Having the opportunity to work with Jamshied really enhanced the process of rehearsing and premiering 'Awakening,'” notes Emily Jackson '12, an MIT Wind Ensemble flautist who majored in chemical-biological engineering with a minor in music. “This piece particularly touched me: it intensely conveys emotion and prompts reflection as it tells a story.”Sharifi,

has a successful international career as a composer-arranger, producer and keyboardist, describes the project as a career highlight.
"Working with Fred Harris and the MIT Wind Ensemble on 'Awakening' was one of the most rewarding fat loss factor download of my life. Fred and the musicians in the group were committed, passionate, and unfailingly musical in bringing the piece to life.""The
word 'awakening' conjures this idea that you're coming forth with something, but yet it might not be fully realized," Harris says. "This power of reflection and contemplation is so needed today and I think that 'Awakening' in its own way provides a vehicle for that.""Awakening" was commissioned by MIT via the Institute’s Visiting Artists Program with additional support from MIT’s Music and Theater Arts Section.
The film production was made possible through the combined vision and talents of Executive Producer, Lawrence Gallagher; Documentary Director Chris Boebel; Film Editor Jean Dunoyer; Technical Director Craig Milanesi; and Music Performance Director Bob Comiskey. Chris Boebel and Jean Dunoyer have each had distinguished careers in documentary and film production before joining the staff at MIT Video Productions, led by Lawrence Gallagher. The production of this program was supported in part through a generous gift by A.
Neil (MIT '64) and Jane Pappalardo, long-time friends and supporters of education and the arts at MIT.  About the MIT Wind Ensemble Founded in 1999 by Dr.
Frederick Harris, Jr.,
the MIT Wind Ensemble (MITWE) is comprised of outstanding MIT undergraduate and graduate student musicians studying a wide range of disciplines.
Since 2001, MITWE has commissioned 35 original works for wind ensemble and has

worked with Gunther Schuller, John Harbison, Michael Colgrass, Don Byron, and many other prominent composers.
MITWE has recorded for Albany and Innova Records, and it has been featured on NPR.
Gramophone Magazine called its first CD “an exhilarating range of approaches to the modern wind ensemble.” Q.
We need to replace our water heater and are thinking of getting a tankless, gas-fueled heater.
Are the energy savings of tankless heaters worth the extra up-front